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Only Living Boy In New York //  Dan Wilson

This is a pretty great tribute to Paul Simon.



Queen Collages

Bianca Del Rio

You are turning the engine over every day, aren’t you? She’ll seize up, otherwise.

50 years in the tardis

  • Season 11

A tearSarah Jane? No, don’t cryWhile there’s life, there’s

"… This is my first interview and my first guest is Catherine Deneuve. Coucou! She’s in front on me, everything is alright. I need a cigarette." (x)

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Hairspray, mama told me not to use it. Hairspray, but if I don’t, I’m gonna lose it. Hairspray, I’m gonna rat my hair. They’ll be doing the hairspray everywhere”

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Best of Runways: Rupaul’s Drag Race S06E07&08

Bianca Del Rio